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Journeys by Car

Journeys by Car by Tours to Europe

Taking the knowledge we've gained throughout the years of hard work in the travel industry, we've put to use all of our professional expertise and made it possible to break the stereotypes of "traditional travel" in the way it has existed for over half a century.

As such, we've mastered and improved the format of small group and private tours, as well as changed the concept of "self-drive" tours, taking them to the next level. Why? We believe it's possible to travel better.

Just to be crystal clear from the beginning, we do NOT offer the standard self-drive programs you might have heard of before. In their core, those tours offer you a map which you take with you, rent a car, and set off on a sightseeing "scavenger hunt"... all by yourself in a foreign country.

We offer something better.


Is this the tour type you've been looking for?

Put simply, our journeys by car introduce you to the possibility and freedom to explore destinations on your own, combined with a professionally planned sightseeing program.

This tour type is perfect for those who've been dreaming of an adventurous getaway to Europe, a flawless road trip on a rented car passing endless picturesque landscapes, and the liberty to make a turn at whichever corner that catches your eye.

But, naturally, you want your trip to be perfect, right?

No need to worry, we take care of all the hard planning for you. Our "Journey by Car" programs are based on independent driving yet everything else is arranged for you: a professionally built itinerary with directions, included sightseeing tours with best hand-picked guides, as well as stays at finest properties in the heart of town with parking spots.

Plus, we're more than happy to share our expertise with you and give the best recommendations of sites to visit on your own during leisure time. Here’s what such tours are all about:



Journeys by Car by Tours to Europe

  • Professionally built customizable private itineraries which can be put together according to your preferences.
  • Such programs are based on independent driving instead of trains/planes/other intercity transport (you don't have to stick to fixed schedules).
  • Exploration at your own pace, flexibility, as well as the possibility to take the back roads and explore in-depth as you get to choose your own routes.
  • Stays at finest properties in the heart of town or in great villas in the scenic countryside (f.e. in Italy's Tuscany region) with car parking spots.
  • Included sightseeing tours with professional guides and all the entrance fees.
  • Our support and reservations, as well as recommendations and additional advice on what to do, where to shop, and where to dine along the way.
  • Accordingly, the car rental is not part of the package but we will suggest reliable companies and assist you in getting a good deal.
  • Airport transfers, as well as transfers for tours & between cities not included.
  • You may also include the 24/7 concierge service with this tour type.