Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

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About Copenhagen

About Copenhagen

Why Go on a Tour of Copenhagen

The capital city of the happiest country in the world sounds like a great place to spend a few days during your Scandinavian adventure, right? Well, we truly believe that Copenhagen in Denmark is a must-visit destination even on its own.

And if you still need a reason why, we can offer plenty! Firstly, the most populated city in the whole country is super clean, and it would take you a while to come across a dirty street there.

Wandering through a city so clean gives you a genuinely fresh perspective. If you wonder why it is so spotless, we believe that the Danes' love for recycling and obeying the rules had something to do with that.

Secondly, Copenhagen citizens also think that riding a bike is the quickest way not only to work but to a happier way of living. So, renting a bike and joining the crowds on actual highways for cyclists is a safe and great way to explore the city and feel like a true local.

Thirdly, once you start to enjoy your Copenhagen travel, we suggest enriching your experience with impressive Nordic cuisine flavors and visiting a restaurant called Noma. It's titled as the world's best on many occasions and is the perfect place to try authentic Danish dishes and relax after a long day of Copenhagen tours.

There are plenty more reasons to visit Denmark's capital but one thing is clear - you cannot leave the city without seeing its symbol, Copenhagen's Little Mermaid or tasting the Danish sandwich Smorrebrod, translated as "bread and butter". Whatever brings you to Copenhagen, it won't be easy to forget your time here.

Top 3 Things to Do in Copenhagen

  • Witness the beauty of the colorful harbor of Nyhavn
  • Explore the remarkable 18th-century rococo district Indre By
  • Taste Copenhagen's hallmark dish, the Smorrebrod sandwich
All Attractions in Copenhagen

All Attractions in Copenhagen

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