Top 6 Oslo Tourist Attractions


Searching for a great spot to experience the true spirit of Scandinavia? The capital of Norway, stunning Oslo is, indeed, the right place to include on your travel agenda as the city combines an enviable number of historic landmarks and great art venues, all spiced up by the vibrant rhythm and cosmopolitan vibe. Sounds tempting enough, doesn't it? To help plan your stay in Oslo, we've made up a list of the most visited Oslo attractions you simply can't miss.

1. The Frogner Park, Oslo
The Frogner Park, Oslo

Oslo is an innovative city that harmoniously combines ordinary things with some unique features, causing an awe-effect. Thus, while in Oslo, you can't miss the chance to have a stroll around the iconic Frogner Park. Being one of the main highlights of any Oslo travel, Vigeland Park is decorated with more than 200 sculptures by Gustav Vigeland of different shapes and materials. A walk around the park is, indeed, thought-provoking and won't leave you indifferent.

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2. Viking Ship Museum, Oslo
Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

Norwegians are really proud of their glorious history and happily keep the wonderful heritage left from the age of the Vikings. Those, wishing to immerse into the lifestyle of the brave navigators of the past, should definitely save some time for visiting the famous Viking Ship Museum. The venue houses the best-preserved Viking ships in the world as well as sleds, some household utensils, and tools the Vikings used daily. Touch Norwegian history as if you were truly there!

3. Royal Palace, Oslo
Royal Palace, Oslo

No Oslo sightseeing won't do without immersion into the royal legacy of the city. The massive building of the Royal Palace is the symbol of Norway's statehood and the place where the daily work of the monarchy takes place. During a tour around the palace, visitors explore the most significant rooms like the Cabinet Cloakroom, the Council Chamber, the Family Dining Room, and discover how the everyday life of the royal family looked like. Note that the residence is open to the public only during the summertime.

4. Akershus Fortress, Oslo
Akershus Fortress, Oslo

One more attraction with the royal flair which should make part of your Oslo travel is the Akershus Fortress. The medieval structure was built at the beginning of the 14th century and served as a military fortress, and was later transformed into a Renaissance castle. Nowadays the Akershus Fortress is a museum open to the public and contains the Royal Mausoleum, several banquet halls, and even a tiny church. The fortress is also a popular location for various events and ceremonies.

5. The City Hall, Oslo
City Hall, Oslo

Appearances may be deceptive, agree? The same can be said about the exteriors of the Oslo City Hall. Seemingly gloomy and massive, the building houses not only the council and the administration of Oslo. Getting inside, you will be absolutely stunned by the lighting of the halls and the fancy walls decorated with colorful murals. The City Hall is like a storybook of local history and culture and its unique artsy corridors can even compete with some art galleries. And the most pleasant thing - the entrance is free!

6. The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Oslo
Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Oslo

Being a unique Oslo attraction and a nice day-trip opportunity, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is one of the oldest open-air museums in the world. The place boasts 155 traditional houses from all parts of the country as well as an exceptional collection of artifacts, including some folk costumes and finery, weapons and handicraft items. In case you plan your visit during the summer, you can catch the opportunity to enjoy horse riding, handicraft demonstrations, and other activities.