5 Best Cities to Visit in Ireland


Home to outstanding whiskey and beer, leprechauns and four-leaf clovers, traditional Irish step dance, and remarkably beautiful nature, Ireland is a place to see at least once in your life. Despite the country's rather small size, it boasts endless opportunities for sightseeing, delicious tastings, and outdoor recreation, altogether making it a great destination for travel. On this page, you may familiarize yourself with the list of the best cities to visit in Ireland.

1. The Irish Capital, Dublin
Dublin, Ireland

The marvelous capital of Ireland, Dublin, is an ancient city whose long history stretches back for dozens of centuries.

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2. Breathtaking Galway
Galway City Gallery

Galway, located in the western part of Ireland, is a great place to start your tour around Ireland. The city, set on the banks of the River Corrib, is renowned for its vibrant cultural scene with multiple festivals and events taking place each year.

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3. Charming Cork
Cork, Ireland

Being one of the major cities in Ireland visited by tourists, cork's hallmark landmark is, of course, the medieval Blarney Castle. Apart from that, there are many things to see in this city, including the St. Patrick's Street, thee Cork City Gaol, St. Anne's Church, as well as the English Market.

4. Outstanding Killarney
Killarney, Ireland

The Irish city of Killarney certainly deserves a spot on your Ireland itinerary. The city is home to unique historic wonders, such as the beautiful Ross Castle and the St. Mary's Cathedral. What's for other places worth checking out, the Killarney National Park and the renown Muckross House are among the advised options.

5. Beautiful Limerick
Limerick, Ireland

Without a doubt, Limerick is among the list of cities in Ireland which you should travel to. The 13th-century King John's Castle is one of the reasons to put the town on your agenda. Other sights which should be mentioned are the historic St. Mary's Cathedral as well as the adorable Toll House with a tower.